Top 5 Frontend resources you must use in 2021

Harsh Vats on November 16, 2020

Web Development is really growing exponentially in today's world and everyone wants to make some online space for their business or to showcase their skills, etc.

With the growing demand of online space, the web developers are in great demand. And Frontend developers really need to be up-to-date with the latest technologies in the market.

Today I will share top 5 frontend resources that I followed while learning frontend development. The list is not for complete beginners, it's for intermediate level developers, who knows all the basics and want to be updated or just want to move to the next level or the stage where you actually get paid of your work.

The Top 5 Frontend resoruces you should use in 2021 are:

1. Css-tricks

Css-tricks is an awesome place to learn css from noob to pro. It has articles for almost every property and methods in css.

Css-tricks was launched in 2007 by Chris Coyier. Now this is like the first place for any css topic. This website also has articles on javascript and wordpress and slowly and steadily topics are getting broadened.

I really love to read the articles which shows that how same thing can be achieved in multiple ways in CSS.

If you are following this site and reading articles that are regularly posted, I can guarantee you that you will never feel less than a pro. I higly recommend reding articles on


A very good community that keeps you busy in learning from what others built, and showcasing what you built, and discussing topics to sharpend your knowledge and make your life easier as a developer.

Make an account on and continue to increase your knowledge in the field of frontend web development.

3. AOS

AOS is an animation library and you can see this used by a lot of web developers and websites. It's so easy that you just use a CDN to load the script and apply data-aos="fade-up" attribute to your target element to fade-up your element. That's it! You don't have to write keyframes yourself. If you haven't used it before in your projects or just for fun, I highly recommend you to check this out.

4. Adobe color explore

I am damn sure, you must have stuck at some point of your web designing, where you got bewildered on what color combinations to choose for your website. And you must have searched like "Best color combo with crimson".

Color combinations really play an important role in your website's overall look.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this website. The colors are just incredible and look very pleasing to eyes.

Adobe solves the thinking part. Just type the theme of your website like ocean, dessert, and colors schemes will be generated. Copy those colors and be happy.

5. Google Fonts

Last but not least is Google Fonts. There are numerous fonts available here for free. You can use any of them on your website. I personally like Roboto because it's simple, stable and professional.

These are just those things which I think once you used, you will keep using them for your projects.

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